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Do good while looking good

bandana's -

Onze bandana's zijn terug! Deze keer zijn ze niet alleen super cute, maar ook een manier om lokale asielen een pootje te helpen. Ze komen in 3 kleuren: apricot, frappe of matcha én voor 20 euro heb je er al eentje waarvan wij 10 euro doorstorten naar het goede doel van jouw keuze! De hondjes zijn jou nu al eeuwig dankbaar.

About toutdelou

toutdelou, the go-to for exclusive dog sweaters and interior-friendly dog products! Our story began when Lou, my lovely French bulldog, was feeling extremely cold, and we struggled to find a cute and trendy sweater for her.

Frustrated by the lack of stylish options, we decided to create our own dog sweaters. In 2021, we proudly launched our first collection, using the finest materials and a design that makes Lou and us feel confident during every walk. It's amazing to hear 'oh, so cute' and 'aww, look' everywhere when Lou wears her little jumper - she
truly turns heads.

But I'm also an interior enthusiast. In 2022, when we moved to our own home, I was determined not to compromise on our house's style when it came to dog products. That's why we designed blankets and sleeping bags that not only keep Lou warm but also perfectly complement our interior. We believe that your dog is an important part of the family and deserves nothing but the best, even in terms of home accessories.